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absurdness, act of folly, aimlessness, amphigory, anticness, babble, babblement, balderdash, bibble-babble, bizarreness, bizarrerie, blabber, blather, blunder, bombast, bootlessness, claptrap, craziness, curiousness, daftness, deformity, dottiness, double-talk, drivel, drollery, drollness, drool, dumb trick, eccentricity, emptiness, error, fallacy, fantasticality, fantasticalness, fatuity, fecklessness, fiddle-faddle, fiddledeedee, flummery, folderol, folly, foolishness, freakishness, fruitlessness, fudge, funniness, fustian, futility, gabble, galimatias, gammon, gibber, gibberish, gibble-gabble, gobbledygook, grotesqueness, grotesquerie, hilarity, hocus-pocus, hollowness, hopelessness, humbug, humorousness, illogicality, impossibility, impossible, impossibleness, impotence, imprudence, inanity, inconceivability, incongruity, indiscretion, ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, inefficacy, insanity, irrationality, jabber, jargon, laughability, ludicrousness, malformation, meaninglessness, monstrosity, monstrousness, mumbo jumbo, narrishkeit, niaiserie, no chance, nonsense, nonsensicality, nugacity, nuttiness, oddity, otiosity, outlandishness, outrageousness, oxymoron, pack of nonsense, palaver, paradox, peculiarity, pointlessness, prate, prattle, preposterousness, pricelessness, profitlessness, purposelessness, quaintness, queerness, quizzicalness, rant, rat race, richness, ridiculousness, rigamarole, rigmarole, rodomontade, rubbish, self-contradiction, senselessness, silliness, singularity, skimble-skamble, sottise, strangeness, stuff and nonsense, stultiloquence, stupid thing, stupidity, teratism, the absurd, the funny side, the impossible, trash, triviality, trumpery, twaddle, twattle, twiddle-twaddle, unimaginability, unproductiveness, unprofitability, unprofitableness, unreasonableness, unthinkability, unwise step, valuelessness, vanity, vaporing, vicious circle, waffling, weirdness, what cannot be, what cannot happen, whimsicalness, wildness, witlessness, wittiness, worthlessness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Absurdity — Ab*surd i*ty ( [i^]*t[y^]), n.; pl. {Absurdities} ( t[i^]z). [L. absurditas: cf. F. absurdite.] 1. The quality of being absurd or inconsistent with obvious truth, reason, or sound judgment. The absurdity of the actual idea of an infinite number.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • absurdity — index incongruity Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • absurdity — (n.) late 15c., from M.Fr. absurdité, from L.L. absurditatem (nom. absurditas) dissonance, incongruity, noun of state from L. absurdus out of tune; figuratively incongruous, silly, senseless, from ab , intensive prefix, + surdus dull, deaf, mute… …   Etymology dictionary

  • absurdity — [n] ridiculous situation or behavior applesauce*, BS*, bull*, crap*, craziness, farce, flapdoodle*, folly, foolishness, hot air*, idiocy, illogicality, illogicalness, improbability, inanity, incongruity, insanity, irrationality, jazz*, jive*,… …   New thesaurus

  • absurdity — [ab sʉr′də tē, abzʉr′də tē; əb zʉr′də tē, əbzʉr′də tē] n. 1. the quality or state of being absurd; nonsense 2. pl. absurdities an absurd idea or thing …   English World dictionary

  • Absurdity — For other uses, see Absurd (disambiguation). An absurdity is a thing that is extremely unreasonable, so as to be foolish or not taken seriously, or the state of being so. Absurd is an adjective used to describe an absurdity, e.g., “this… …   Wikipedia

  • Absurdity — (Roget s Thesaurus) < N PARAG:Absurdity >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 absurdity absurdity absurdness &c. >Adj. Sgm: N 1 imbecility imbecility &c. 499 Sgm: N 1 alogy| alogy| nonsense Sgm: N 1 paradox paradox …   English dictionary for students

  • absurdity — n. it was the height of absurdity (to insist on a refund) * * * [əb sɜːdɪtɪ] it was the height of absurdity (to insist on a refund) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • absurdity — noun a)  The quality of being absurd or inconsistent with obvious truth, reason, or sound judgment. Neither [Jones] nor I (in 1966) could conceive of reducing our science to the ultimate absurdity of reading Finnish newspapers almost a century… …   Wiktionary

  • absurdity — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) Quality of being absurd Nouns 1. (nonsensical quality) absurdity, absurdness, nonsense; paradox, inconsistency; inanity (See folly); ludicrousness, ridiculousness, comicality; koan, oxymoron, doublethink …   English dictionary for students

  • absurdity — noun Milosevic spurned the evidence linking him to countless atrocities, calling the charges a supreme absurdity Syn: preposterousness, ridiculousness, ludicrousness, incongruity, inappropriateness, risibility, idiocy, stupidity, foolishness,… …   Thesaurus of popular words

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